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3 Meal Ideas from Korean Short Ribs

We have our very popular beef Korean short ribs back in stock here in our farm store. We had to taste-test and we were all very pleased! We were able to make 3 yummy meals from two packages.

Meal One – Korean ribs cooked in the crockpot with an Asian honey-garlic sauce and corn-on-the-cob.

Meal Two – Beef and barley soup with fresh homemade bread….which was so good for dunking!. I picked through all the ribs and separated the meat from the bones. The bones are now in my ‘beef stock’ container in the freezer for my next batch of beef broth. The leaner pieces of beef I used for the soup and the fattier pieces I saved for our next meal.

Meal Three – Beef Power Bowl. This had the rest of the leftover Korean rib beef plus an assortment of vegetables, rice and choice of a peanut sauce or homemade caesar dressing. My boys really enjoyed making their own individual combinations for this dinner!

I hope this gives everyone some easy meal planning ideas that were a huge hit in our house. Take care everyone!?