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Do you have BBQ plans for the Long Weekend?

Good morning! With the last day of school being today and upcoming Canada Day long weekend we hope everyone has something to celebrate. When we celebrate anything in our family the first question is usually, “hmmm, what are we going to eat?” ? I think we might be able to help with that dilemma!!

We currently have fully stocked freezers with our grass-fed and finished beef and will have our farm store open regular hours this week:

– Thursday June 29th from 3-6pm

– Friday June 30th from 12-5pm

– Saturday July 1st from 9-2pm

We have lots of our beef and will be restocked on eggs from the Whyte family farm. We are currently sold out of our pasture-raised chickens until the end of July but if you have the ‘Farm Fresh guide’ there are lots of nearby farms with pasture-raised chickens for sale that would appreciate your support. We will hopefully have jars of our raw wildflower honey available in the next few weeks.

We have also created a new deal box – ‘The Weekend Box’ that contains 1 pound of ground beef, 1 package of regular burgers, 1 package of seasoned burgers and 1 package of beef sausage. Perfect for heading up to a cottage or a backyard bbq this weekend!

As always, we sell individual cuts (i.e., steaks, ground beef, roasts, etc.) as well as a few different combination deal boxes. Everything is available on our website or stop by our farm store to see for yourself. We are hoping to have the mama cows and their calves up front Friday and Saturday so stop by and see how big each of the calves is getting! Take care everyone?