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Our raw wildflower honey is back in stock!

Our sunflowers are blooming and our bees are thrilled! Walking into the field this morning I noticed most of the sunflowers each had multiple busy bees collecting the ample pollen and nectar. This is our third year growing a field of sunflowers and it’s remarkable the change in colour and taste with our late summer honey once the sunflowers are in bloom. We grow the sunflowers for the bees, the birds, the insects, the critters, the soil and then in early fall once the seeds have hardened we will graze the cows through the sunflowers for a tasty and nutritious treat!!?

We are currently well stocked on our raw wildflower honey (with lots more still to harvest!?). We are also currently stocked with our pasture-raised chicken (wholes and halves) and a variety of our grass-fed and finished beef. Check out our website or stop by our farm store on Thursday 3-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and Saturday 9-2pm.