You are currently viewing The Cow Award for “Messiest Eater” goes to………

The Cow Award for “Messiest Eater” goes to………

This past week walking through the cows each day I was thinking about how each of our cows has such a unique personality. This got me comparing different personality traits between cows and gave me the idea for “The Cow Awards”?

Our first award?will be for “Messiest Eater”….and the award goes to Lesley!!!! ???

Now Lesley is an 8-year old Speckled Park that is an amazing mama cow. She has a calm temperament, beautiful markings and is one of the leaders of our herd. BUT Lesley is such a messy eater!!! You can see from the footage she always has stuff slopping out of her mouth. Oh well, we love you anyways Lesley!!❤️

Stay tuned for future “Cow Awards” to learn a bit more about individual cows on our farm.

Also, just a note to anyone planning to visit during our farm store hours this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately we haven’t received our new beef inventory back from the butcher yet so currently our freezers are a bit bare (like we are even sold out of ground beef!! eeek my worst fear!!). We should have everything back and fully stocked next week but we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!?