You are currently viewing The Cow Award for “Most Mischievous Cow” goes to…..

The Cow Award for “Most Mischievous Cow” goes to…..

Our next cow award?is presented for the Most Mischievous Cow!!!

The winner is…..Amy!!!!

The first three pictures were taken this morning of Amy on the opposite side of the fence….being naughty….amongst all our hay stored for the winter. Whenever there is a cow that has escaped, no one here is ever surprised if it’s Amy. She never goes far from the herd but seems to enjoy teasing the others by showing off her Houdini-skills. She never shows any remorse for her antics ? and most of the time leaves no clues to how she ended up on the other side of the fence (i.e., no destruction).

Amy is a 3 year old cow in our herd. She is best buddies with Olive, Megan, Mia and Jenny. She is the daughter of Patty, who if you have been following our cow awards was the recipient of the ‘most flexible cow’ award. Thinking Amy has learned her clever ways from her Mama? and is now teaching them to her daughter Tracey McTrouble ?‍♀️

We enjoy cows with personality here on our farm and Amy is one that always gives us a laugh!! Cheers to clever Amy!!