The Cows

Our cattle are raised on a 100% grass-based diet.  During the summer months, the herd is out on pasture and moved to fresh pasture daily.  During the winter months, the cows are fed hay which we make ourselves on the farm.  We do not administer growth hormones to any of our cattle. 

Our Herd

Angus cattle were originally developed in Scotland.  They are a very hardy breed, able to withstand our cold Canadian climate.  They are medium to large framed, are naturally polled (no horns) and have a high muscle content.  We have both the black and red variants of Angus cattle on our farm.  They are excellent mothers and have a very calm demeanor.  Angus cattle are renowned for producing superior quality meat with high marbling and great flavour.

Speckled Park
Recently we have added Speckled Park breed into our herd.  Speckled Park is a breed of cattle developed right here in Canada which are very well adapted to our Canadian climate.  They are hardy and tough while also being very docile and kind natured.  This unique Canadian hybrid breed was derived from crossing Angus, Shorthorn and White Park.  Each animal has a unique and striking black and white speckled patterned.  Like Angus, the Speckled Park is renowned for producing premium quality meat with high marbling.

The Chickens
We raise Rustic Ranger’s for meat birds.    This breed of chicken performs extremely well on pasture and is an excellent forager.  We do not use any hormones or antibiotics in raising our chickens.  Our chickens are raised out on pasture in our mobile coop.  The birds are moved to new pasture on a daily basis allowing them to forage for fresh grass, seeds and insects.