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Treats for your Mama

With Mother’s Day a little more than a week away, have you decided what delicious meal you will make for the special mother(s) in your life?!?

We have plenty of our grass-fed and finished beef and pasture-raised chicken options available to help you create a wonderful feast. Everything has been raised here on our farm with no antibiotics or added hormones. A few of our options include:

– Ground beef

– Tenderloin steaks

Ribeye steaks

– Striploin steaks

– Roast beef

– Burgers

– Beef sausages

– Braising ribs

– Whole chickens

– Beef pepperettes (which aren’t really a ‘meal’ but certainly make a yummy treat)

Plus lots more combination boxes and individual items. Have a look at our website ( for all our current inventory or stop by our farm store on Thursdays from 3-6pm, Fridays from 12-5pm or Saturdays from 9-2pm. Always nice to meet and know your local farmers!! ?‍?????‍?