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Earth Day Everyday Here On The Farm!

Happy Earth Day everyone! We consider ourselves a regenerative farm that focuses on promoting healthy soils and enhancing biodiversity through our practices such as not using pesticides or herbicides, rotationally grazing our livestock, and planting new trees along hedgerows (to just name a few). We are always implementing new ideas to improve the farm function with added environmental benefits.

The best way to see the effects of our hard work is simply going for a walk. We just got back from a very wet spring walk and the farm is just buzzing with life!! The birds are singing and the earthworms are everywhere!!

I finished reading “James and the Giant Peach” by Roald Dahl this past week with my boys and a few lines by the Earthworm really stuck with me:

“Next time you stand in a field or in a garden and look around you, then just remember this: every tiny bit of soil has passed through the body of an Earthworm…We do it for the farmers. It makes the soil nice and light and crumbly so that things will grow well in it. The farmers couldn’t do it without us. We are essential. We are vital. So it’s only natural that the farmer should love us”

Thank you earthworms. We do love you❤️

Our farm store is open Saturday (today) from 9-2pm. Come chat about our farm, join me for a walk or pickup some of our delicious grass-fed and finished beef and pasture-raised chicken. Take care and have a wonderful weekend?