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Quilting for Clover

Hope everyone is having a great St. Patrick’s Day and wonderful March Break with the kids. Our little Clover ? is the luckiest pup to have her brothers Shawn and Jack make her the most beautiful quilt this week❤️

Nanny Val came over on Tuesday to teach the boys how to sew and make a quilt. It was a huge success and everyone had a lot of fun! Learning how to “birth-the-baby” (i.e. flip the quilt right-side-out) gave us all the giggles?

The boys favourite parts were operating the foot pedal and changing the sewing machine settings when Nanny Val wasn’t watching (“who changed the stitch to zigzag?!?”). The boys each said they would love to make another quilt sometime so I would say this activity was a fantastic success. Thank you Nanny Val!!❤️❤️