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The Versatility of a Roasted Whole Chicken

One thing I find pretty useful to get done on a quiet Sunday at home is roast one of our pasture-raised whole chickens. Sometimes it’s dinner that night and other times it’s just to get ahead on multiple meals for the upcoming week. It works great in a wrap/pita/sandwich/salad for the boys school lunches and is very versatile for speedy weeknight dinners. Perhaps my favourite part of any roast chicken is saving the bones and carcass to make a delicious chicken soup.

I always love that our family is getting to enjoy our very own pasture-raised chicken that we raised here on our farm. The boys helped us feed and water and move the chickens twice a day onto fresh green grass so they could enjoy picking at all the bugs. We feel we provided the chickens a happy life and are proud we can feed our family and families in our community❤️

Our farm store is open Thursday 3-6pm, Friday 12-5pm and Saturday 9-2pm. We have whole, half and quarter pasture-raised chickens available as well as an assortment of grass-fed and finished beef. We also have a few new twists in our value boxes so feel free to check out our website or drop by during our farm store hours to see what we have available. Hope everyone has a wonderful day?