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Milk thievery from Mabel on the rise!

This little cutie belongs to our cow “Sally”. Sally was having a bit of trouble with making enough milk for her calf so we have been supplementing with morning and evening bottles. When he sees me now (even without a bottle) he starts licking his lips and comes to say hello!

Usually we don’t need to bottle feed too long before mama has enough milk or the calf gets wise and figures out how to steal milk from other cows. Now most of our cows will not allow any milk thievery, but it’s kind of nice to have some mamas that will allow a bit of stealing now and then. Anne and Mabel are two cows in our herd that are well known to feed any youngsters.

Well thankfully this little lad has figured out that Mabel will share her milk….much to the displeasure of Mabel’s own calf!! Sorry little girl!!